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On 18th August 2014 I started as a passion project. After taking photos for over 12 years filling hard drives with photos I realised something really important, most of these photos were never going to be seen. I wondered what to do with these photos and figured why not just turn them into ‘Royalty Free Photos’, basically this means stock photos.  I saw a trend in people giving away their photos, so I joined in.

I just put them online to see what would happen and wow, was I surprised. People started flocking to the site downloading my free stock photos thousands of times. Soon I started taking photos especially for stokpic. I redesigned the site (about 100 times), added many features and a year later have an incredible creative community using the site. It seems to have become a top place to find free stock photos for commercial use.


I am not a web developer (in fact in am completely new to this world) so I have had to learn very fast. This is literally a one man show. I believe in transparency to check out the stats from year one.

High Resolution Photos Downloaded wow

Published Photos Soon to be 600 per month

Views This number is growing every day

People Used Stokpic Thank you soon much

Countries Thats 94% of all countries in the world

Man Still just a one man show

Our Amazing Top Referrers

Thank you for your support


Average download growth this year


Most images downloaded in a single day.

Thats 1 every 5.2 seconds

Around The World


The Americas





There is an ever moving number of countries and territories in the world. Some people say 195 others say 209. Using Google Analytics I can see that there are only 12 ‘vaunters’ that have Not used This means 94.2% of countries in the world have accessed the service.

Top Countries

The largest country using this free stock photo service is the USA. The us on average accounts for 25% of all traffic in the first year. This number is growing with 30% of visits being from the USA in the past 90 days.

  • USA 76% 76%
  • Japan 57% 57%
  • UK 55.5% 55.5%
  • China 55% 55%
  • Germany 54% 54%

1000’s of Premium Subscribers

If you have signed up for the Premium Email List then you get the best 10 high resolution photos sent directly to your inbox every 2 weeks. People have been downloading these photos at least 2 weeks before they go live on the website.

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