You could be come a Sponsored Artist

This is not just for anyone. Only 12 lucky people worldwide will get this amazing opportunity.

You will get unlimited promotion to thousands of people, $500 of equipment and be part the the amazing stokpic community. 1 new sponsored artist EVERY Month. Start date – September 20015


Be sure to read the terms below before applying.

What you need to apply

2 minute video

introducing yourself and what this sponsorship would mean to you


Completed application form

Including a paragraph on who you are and your story as an artist

Demonstrate a clear need for new equipment

Online portfolio of work

must have at least 50 photos viewable online to show integrity of work. These can be flickr, personal website or any other hosted content site.

Get A Lot

  • Up to $500 of Photography/creative equipment
  • Monthly challenges to inspire growth
  • Your own ‘Featured Photographer’ page on (Example)
  • Exposure to 100,000’s of people
  • Become a credible artist – The is only space for 12 photographers
  • A place for you to show off your work to a guaranteed audience

Give A Little

  • 50 exclusive* photos a month to the Stokpic catalogue (this is how you show off your work)
  • 2 written articles – 1 at the binning explaining why this sponsorship is going to help you and 1 at the end showing your growth.

How we select the Photographers

The most important thing is finding people with an interesting perspective of life shown through creative photography. Stokpic has very high standards of creative stock photography and this can’t change.


I will select an artist who has a true need for something to allow them to grow. This could be a  new camera, a new lens, some lights, props or basically anything. I believe that creativity is individual and therefor the is no specific giveaways.

They must also be able to prove that they are committed to the arts (this does not mean they must be professional) by showing a body of work over an extended period of time.

Photographers must:

  • Have a quality online portfolio of their work
  • Be able to show that they have a real need for the equipment
  • Be from a different location than other photographers
  • Be able to deliver the 50 photos a month
  • Have a great knowledge of the art form and a clear recognisable style
  • Be able to meet the photography criteria specified below
  • Have an interesting story to tell

I am looking for people who want to grow tin stokpic as it improves. As stokpic changes and develops new features will be added and hopefully new ways for photographers to make money through their art. I want the sponsored photographers to be at the centre of this exciting project.


I want the sponsored photographers to be at the centre of this exciting project.

Simple Answers to the Big Questions

How much Sponsorship money do I receive?

There is no cash sponsorship. All sponsorship will be made in equipment up to a value of $500

What equipment do I get?

This is something you will tell me in your application. You get to choose what equipment you need the most. As an artist you know what you need best so this will be a discussion between us.

How will you promote me?

Each featured photographer will have their own page on You can put any links on this page, talk about your businesses and have a bio there. This page will be clearly linked to under each of your photos.

What if the equipment get lost or stollen

The equipment is 100% your responsibility. Replacing it is your choice. You will still have to deliver the 50 photos per month.

Who will own the photos I deliver?

We don't believe any photographer should ever give up the rights to an image so you will always be the owner. However the image a similar images from the same shoot may not be posted on similar websites for free or paid downloads. You will sign a release for each image.

Who will own the equipment after 12 Months?

The equipment is yours to keep. You must deliver the 50 photos a month though.

What happens if I don't deliver the 50 photos per month?

You will be obligated to return the equipment in 'as new' condition. If this is not possible you will be liable for the full $dollar amount of the equipment as it was purchased.

When do I give the 50 photos per month

All photos must be uploaded to your personal folder by the 25th of each month. The will be reviewed for quality and duplicates. If some photos are rejected you will be notified by the 1st of the following month. You will then have 10 days to add other photos. 

How will I send in the 50 photos each month.

Each Featured Photographer will receive their own dropbox link where they can place the photos. 

Can I deliver all the photos in 1 go

Yes. If you would like to upload 600 photos in one go that is OK. However each month will have a theme so your photos must be on theme. You will be given your 12 themes at the beginning so can submit them whenever suits you best. See the example below:

Jan - Colors

Feb - Abstract

March - People

What are the 'Themes' for the photos


Each month you must deliver 50 photos. 20 of these must be 'themed' whilst the other 30 can be anything of your choice. For example the theme might be 'Red' so you will deliver 20 photos using the theme 'red' for inspiration then 30 images of your choosing. 

Each photographer will have their own themes that suite their photography style and genre. 

Whats doe 'Exclusive' photos mean?

This means the photos given to stokpic each month must be exclusive to They cannot be given to other Free stock photo sites for distribution. This is to keep the quality and integrity of stokpic very high. 

You as a photographer are NOT exclusive to only the photos you submit. This also applies for similar photos from the same shoot or session. 

The Photos

  • Minimum 4,000px long side
  • .JPEG file type
  • Each photo must have its own Keyword Title
  • Each photo must have ‘tags / keywords’ embedded in the exif data
  • Fully edited and ready to go live on the site
Stokpic Photo Submission