100% of advertisement earnings given back

One year after its launch, Stokpic.com is now investing its monthly profits in artists around the world

$500 per artist

Photographers will each receive $500 to help them on their creative journey. They can spend this money on cameras, lenses, lighting, other equipment or anything they want to help them further their artistic career.

$ Sponsorship


Hi-Res Photos


Stokpic is Sponsoring Photographers

In the past year stokpic has grown from a small project giving away free stock photos into something big. Now I am giving 100% of the earnings (and some of my own money) back to artists around the world.

Want to Become A Sponsored Photographer?

Find out how to apply and get the equipment and exposure you want.

Photographers Get $500

of equipment of their choice

Users get more and a larger variety of photos

more than 200x the amount you get now

Stokpic builds a great database of photos

As the community grows so do the opportunities

Why Is Stokpic Sponsoring Photographers?

There are a lot of new photographers giving away their photos for free. I would like to offer a little help as I know how hard (and expensive) it is when starting out.

Challenge for stokpic

1 Man, 1 Location, 1 Style

Not diverse in Culture / People / Race

Few Locations / Points Of Interest

Just 1 Photography Style

Challenge for Photographers

Equipment Is Expensive

Challenge to get Noticed

Stock Photo sites are oversaturated

Upload photos but they never get bought or downloaded

The ‘Everyone Wins’ Solution


Creative photographers get $500 of equipment and stokpic users get a wider variety of images


Great For Photographers

Up to $500 Sponsorship

Your own page with Links to your business/portfolio

Become a part of the stokpic story

Exposure to 100,000's of people

Great For Stokpic Users

Same Super High Quality Work Guaranteed


Wider Range of Images (Location, Culture, Style)

1,000's more photos

Supporting Multiple Artists

This is not for people who are or want to make a lot of money through stokpic. This is a small project but as it grows I hope to add ways for artist to get paid more money. I am reinvesting 100% of funds back into the project.

Stokpic.com will sponsor 12 photographer with $500 of equipment in return for 50 awesome stock photos per month for a year.


  • Photographer will be from a different Country / City
  • Photographers will keep and own the equipment at the end of 12 months
  • Each month each photographer will have a theme to help with inspiration
  • Each photographer will have their own ‘feature page’
  • Get exposed to 100,000’s of people.

Want to Become A Sponsored Photogrpaher?

Find out how to apply and get the equipment and exposure you want.

Too Apply You Must

Have an Online Portfolio


Want to get noticed

Have a good eye for Photography

Need equipment or support to improve

Our Story

I say our story but its actually just one guy, Ed Gregory (me). Just over a year ago I decided to give my photos away for free.

Stock Photos for Commercial And Personal Use

Why? a lot of people have asked. As a photographer I take a lot of photos and most of them will never be seen by anyone. They just sit on hard drives, hidden, so I thought why not let people put them to use. To be honest it was a little weekend project that I set up to see if anyone actually wanted my unused photos. Amazingly I quickly received thousands of downloads and so many wonderful emails thanking me for the photos.

Fast forward a few months and I decided to start photographing specifically for stokpic to ensure high quality photos for my subscribers. At this point all photos were under the CC0 license meaning they were public domain and anyone could use them for any reason they pleased. I quickly started finding my photos on all sorts of free download sites. Although the is completely ok it made me think about things.

Although my photos are free I still believe photography is a beautiful art form that should be treated with care and great respect. So I introduced my own stokpic license. Essentially making stokpic an exclusive club to those who know about it. If you want these photos you will have to come here especially to find them.

As you know I have advertising on the website to attempt to cover the costs of running the site. This fortunately has grown and now brings in more money than it costs to run the site which is why I started Stokpic Sponsored Photographers Program. All the money the site earns from advertising gets returned back to the art world by funding photographers.

Do I intend to turn this into a business. Yes, however I want to ensure that as the site earns more money it is reinvested into photographers so they get paid for their work. Its just going to take me a while to get to this point.

The most exciting part of this project is the community surrounding Stokpic. Thousands of subscribers write to me all the time. Asking questions, giving words of encouragement and or course lot of requests. I answer each and every one personally.

Thank you for using stokpic.com and I hope you enjoy being a part of its journey.

I know there will be people out there that will see this as a bad deal and photographers not being paid well for their work. I agree photographers should get paid well however just think of this for a moment:

  • Stokpic does not have any money and does not make much money at all (I am reinvesting 100% as well as adding more personal cash).
  • This is NOT for photographers who are already making thousands from their photos
  • 12 years ago when I start I would have loved $500 of equipment to help me grow in exchange for photos
  • People are giving away photos for free, I believe people should get something in return for their work

Simple Answers to the Big Questions

How much Sponsorship money do I receive?

There is no cash sponsorship. All sponsorship will be made in equipment up to a value of $500

What equipment do I get?

This is something you will tell me in your application. You get to choose what equipment you need the most. As an artist you know what you need best so this will be a discussion between us.

How will you promote me?

Each featured photographer will have their own page on stokpic.com. You can put any links on this page, talk about your businesses and have a bio there. This page will be clearly linked to under each of your photos.

What if the equipment get lost or stollen

The equipment is 100% your responsibility. Replacing it is your choice. You will still have to deliver the 50 photos per month.

Who will own the photos I deliver?

We don't believe any photographer should ever give up the rights to an image so you will always be the owner. However the image a similar images from the same shoot may not be posted on similar websites for free or paid downloads. You will sign a release for each image.

Who will own the equipment after 12 Months?

The equipment is yours to keep. You must deliver the 50 photos a month though.

What happens if I don't deliver the 50 photos per month?

You will be obligated to return the equipment in 'as new' condition. If this is not possible you will be liable for the full $dollar amount of the equipment as it was purchased.

When do I give the 50 photos per month

All photos must be uploaded to your personal folder by the 25th of each month. The will be reviewed for quality and duplicates. If some photos are rejected you will be notified by the 1st of the following month. You will then have 10 days to add other photos. 

How will I send in the 50 photos each month.

Each Featured Photographer will receive their own dropbox link where they can place the photos. 

Can I deliver all the photos in 1 go

Yes. If you would like to upload 600 photos in one go that is OK. However each month will have a theme so your photos must be on theme. You will be given your 12 themes at the beginning so can submit them whenever suits you best. See the example below:

Jan - Colors

Feb - Abstract

March - People

What are the 'Themes' for the photos


Each month you must deliver 50 photos. 20 of these must be 'themed' whilst the other 30 can be anything of your choice. For example the theme might be 'Red' so you will deliver 20 photos using the theme 'red' for inspiration then 30 images of your choosing. 

Each photographer will have their own themes that suite their photography style and genre. 

Whats doe 'Exclusive' photos mean?

This means the photos given to stokpic each month must be exclusive to stokpic.com. They cannot be given to other Free stock photo sites for distribution. This is to keep the quality and integrity of stokpic very high. 

You as a photographer are NOT exclusive to stokpic.com only the photos you submit. This also applies for similar photos from the same shoot or session.